Shiny, Happy Things!

Bubbles…Cava…Sparkling Wine…Espumante…Champagne.  Whatever you call it, and wherever it’s from, it’s known the world ’round as the celebratory drink of choice!  The ritual of peeling the foil, removing the cage, then popping the swollen cork, ending with that recognizable “POP” is an experience that most of us associate with a special occasion or indulgence of some sort.

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We ask:  why can’t we partake in this happy, warm experience on any old day?  Why reserve the specialness of effervesence and that toasty, biscuitness that is sparkling wine for the Holidays?  Why only on special occasions?

We often start a dinner-date evening off with a glass of bubbly…or a Friday right after work with a popped bottle of something that fizzes.  In fact, one of our favorite people, our Crazy Aunt Bevelina drinks “sparkles” as her drink of choice at any party!

We encourage each and every one of you to treat yourself to a delightful sparkling beverage any day of the week!  Why not?  After all, don’t you deserve it?!?!

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  1. says

    guess I am still a bit ‘ old school’, I call it champagne. One of my favorite sayings ‘Drink champagne for no reason!’ Makes you feel special to celebrate anything! Thanks for reminding me.

  2. says

    I drink some form of sparkling wine at least once a week, lately its been sparkling Vouvray – that chenin blanc bubbly is addictive.

    Nice looking blog, I look forward to reading more. I’ll try not to be a lurker. =).

    • Hoot 'n Annie says

      Hey Felipe – That’s awesome that you’re a regular bubbly-drinker! There’s always something to celebrate, right? Love that Vouvray! In fact…we may need to partake in some sparkles tonight, now that you mention it.
      Thanks for the feedback on the blog, lurking is somewhat tolerated…but not encouraged! 😉

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