Sunset's Savor the Central Coast

Sunset's Savor the Central Coast 2012

As the Central Coast (San Luis Obispo County specifically) has grown into a destination spot for wine and food lovers, the number of events related to these things has exploded. I believe each event has something special to offer…whether it be a niche event strictly about Pinot Noir or a much broader event like the Wine Festival in Paso Robles.

Sunset’s Savor the Central Coast is an event that focuses on the best our county has to offer. I absolutely love the wine, beer, and food vendors along with all the lifestyle tents and local cities promoting what they have to offer as well. That’s not it though, this year I fell in love with the test garden…it was absolutely amazing and some of the ideas in there were awesome, I never would have thought of them (that’s not saying much though, I don’t think of a lot of things).

Check out the slideshow below to really get an idea of the gardens. Annie and I really liked the idea of using palates as they did along with the trough that is typically used for feeding or watering animals, instead was used as a raised bed. They also had a great cart on wheels where the top part of the cart was the garden and below was storage…pretty unique stuff.

Aside from the giddiness we felt over the gardens I also loved the beer garden…who wouldn’t? That’s also the area with live music and tons of seating so you can grab some snacks and a beverage while enjoying the environment. There were also tons of seminars in the barn which was awesome, love that set up at Santa Margarita Ranch…an absolute beautiful gem here on the Central Coast.

Annie really seemed to enjoy the bacon maple donut thingy (see the slideshow) …I will trust her on that one, for some reason it just didn’t seem right that day. I really enjoyed seeing so many local restaurants, hotels, and wineries partaking in this event. There are so many amazing foodie spots in SLO County, we haven’t even been to them all…but trust me, the ones we haven’t been to are on the short list. Cruising around Savor reminds us of just how many spots we still need to get to.

That last sentence should be expanded…cruising around Savor reminds us of just how lucky and fortunate that we are to live in an area that is so full of life, amazing people, great products, wonderful farms, and an unmatched agreed upon love of this area many of us call home. I have lived in many places in my almost 36 years and this place we call the Central Coast or simply “SLO”, has become my home over the past 10 years and I am continually blown away by its beauty and abundance.

Life is good here…and Sunset’s Savor the Central Coast is an event that celebrates that. THAT, is what I love about this event. Savor reminds me of how cool this place is…and sometimes we all need those reminders!! Now get out there and “Savor” the adventure!!


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