You and all your shiny carrots

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Carrots aren't even all that just calm down.

You know what the problem with this world is…we take things entirely too seriously. I’m not suggesting that we give up on doing serious things but I am suggesting that we all take it down a notch.

Politicians are so serious about protecting their livelihood, stock piling money, and screwing us over…that “serious” aspect gets in the way of them doing the job they were elected to do. Calm down people, we’re all human and you don’t need to trample over us to get the shiny carrot.

Businesses are so serious about “targeting” us and “manipulating” us into buying their products or services that there’s no fun in it anymore. I know this goes against everything you have been taught, but business should be fun. The culture inside the company should be fun and the times when business and consumer mingle should be fun. Take it down a notch all you businesses…you lost track for a while, now it’s time to “get fun” again and let the chips fall where they may. There’s no need to trample over us to get the shiny carrot.

Stop focusing on the shiny carrot and start focusing on the human experience. The relationship will always beat anything else. The key is to not bullshit me…instead, you should be connecting with me. Don’t harass me into buying your crap, make the connection and allow for things to happen naturally. If you do it that way you will have loyalty for life!

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