Social Media Marketing

Here I come to save the day!! Just kidding, kind of.

I feel I have to start offering training and consulting in social media marketing for businesses because everybody else is doing

Slightly Excessive
Over the top eh? So are A LOT of the folks using social media.

it (and most of them suck) and because I’m tired of all the spam put on Facebook and Twitter by businesses that have either received bad social media advice or are attempting to do it without doing any homework first.

There are simple, easy ways to fine tune what you’re doing and more comprehensive programs we could discuss for those really wanting to make a dent in the online world.

I will give away one tip right here for free…STOP spamming everybody’s Facebook and Twitter streams with all YOUR sh!t! Social media is not a soapbox with a megaphone…it is crucial to listen, partake, and build relationships.

Glad I got that out.

So, I’ve been involved in social media for over three years and have been an avid user, and from that usage I have not only built a great network of valuable resources but I have learned a truck load. This space is changing daily and it helps to have a guide down the path, so rather than bore you with too many social media “buzzwords”, let’s chat and see what works for you!

1) Consulting (monitoring and advising)

2) Training (what tools to use and how to use them)

3) Community Management

4) Brand advocate/ ambassador

5) Monitoring analytics

6) Covering all major social media sites and tools along with emerging products

This is not a one size fits all kind of thing…each business has different needs therefore requiring a different plan of attack. And don’t forget…we’re here to tell the story, so buckle up and let’s get human! Cheers!

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