Pregnant: Who’s in There, Anyway???


So, there’s a little person in my belly. It’s a boy. That’s about all I know about him at this point. Well, that and the fact that he likes to kick around a lot and squirm and stuff…and that he’s somewhere around half me and half my husband, but other than that I have no idea who this person is! It’s all very mysterious! Does he like to read books or ride his bike? Does he like macaroni and cheese or pizza? Does he have an aversion to people who talk on their cell phones in restaurants or scratch themselves in public? Is he like me at all? Is he like Matt in any way?

How does all this personality and character and charisma stuff work? Is his personality already pre-determined and we don’t have a whole lot to do with it, or will he be mimicking our every move and memorizing all of our super great jokes for later use? Will he listen to all of the advice and lessons that we have on our long list of things to teach our kid, or will all of that fall on deaf ears that are already programmed to hear what they want to hear?

Everybody has a theory about how this whole kid thing works, including me; some good, some not as good. Isn’t this where we’re supposed to insert all of that “Nature vs. Nurture” crap?  I don’t know, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what we get. We can wonder and theorize all day about what his favorite color will be and if he’ll be a natural athlete or a book worm, or both! The moral of the story is this; whatever color eyes my kid has and if his toes do that funny thing that mine do, maybe he’ll crook his eyebrow the way my Grandpa did, or his smile will sparkle like Matt’s when he laughs, we’ll love him unconditionally. No matter what he’s good at or bad at, what he likes or doesn’t like, he’ll always have a warm, comfortable, safe place to come home to with parents that love and support him and a huge community of people that care for him.

After all, isn’t that what it’s all about??? We all just want to be loved, respected, and feel like we belong somewhere in the world. Our job as this kid’s parents is to provide all that for our child, and do our best to teach him how to be a productive, responsible person. Yeah, we’ve got problem, right???


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  1. Janet Marcotte says

    Well, I guess you could say “no problem”.  I think as parents you are always working on your kids…as they change, you have to change with them.  Our daughter is now entering that “tween” stage.  So now, we are thinking about the things we need to teach her at this stage of her life.  I think we set great ground rules with her and now we add to them…for the next phase of life.  But whatever the next phase, I love every minute of it.  Enjoy the ride, its worth every minute.

    • says

       @Janet Marcotte I agree…it’s never ending! Just like we, as adults should continue to constantly learn and teach each other. I can only imagine all the “tween”-ness has to offer…but good luck! I’m sure you guys will handle it with no problems! From what I can tell, you’ve got a great family!!! 

  2. duncanpaisley says

    @AnnieBrowne Good morning Annie, #coffee cheers on a “little” cooler Monday morning here in the Valley of the Sun! Have a super day!

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