Social Media in Business: Too Complicated?

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The talk online (offline too) is constant about how businesses should and should not use social media, and when I say constant I bet you there have been literally a million plus blog articles dedicated to the topic as well as endless chats, forums, ebooks, and so on. My personal thought is that most of the people discussing the use of social media in business are over complicating it. Many of the blog posts I read just leave me speechless, including the ones from the experts.

 Business, online and offline, is about (insert expletive) engagement with the consumer. That’s it. Why do you go to that bar instead of that bar? Why do you eat at that restaurant and not the one across the street? Why do you use that plumber time and time again? Why do you own an iPhone, an iPad, and a Mac?

 Survey says: because the product or service stands out against the rest and the people behind the product or service make you feel all fuzzy and warm. Granted, Steve Jobs doesn’t make you feel all fuzzy and warm but the Apple products sure as hell do. So why do we over complicate? I think the discussion needs to be about those people that suck at engagement and those that don’t, as well as deciding whether the product you have is worth talking about and telling others about.

 The key for businesses is to put someone in charge of their social aspects (meaning social media and other customer engagement- online and off) that will relate and engage with the consumers. Ahhh, it’s not that hard. Why are there 186 (made up number) hashtag chats on Twitter about social media…do we really need all of them? I know exactly why I spend money at the places I do…there is no amount of chatter that will change that. I want to feel part of the machine I am giving my money to as well as know the product or service I am purchasing is up to some standard of quality.

 Ah yes, I have solved the social media for business conversation. So let’s move forward and discuss the tools that are out there, or the people out there doing a kick ass job, or the interesting ways those people are using those tools, or hell…let’s talk about Charlie Sheen. Anything but the never ending static about How Businesses Should Be Using Social Media.

 Now I will go ahead and say sorry to the sensitive folks that may read this. I understand “business talk” happens and it’s a way for all of us to learn, but the how-to aspect of social and business just seems talked to death. Next topic.

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