Clos Solene – Unique Techniques in Wine Making

While we were out at Clos Solene talking to proprieter and winemaker, Guillaume Fabre, we got to discuss some of the unique wine making techniques that he uses.  He actually does the fermentation stage of his wines in the barrel, fruit and juice together.  He keeps the barrels warm with blankets, and instead of doing punch downs to keep the fruit cap integrated with the juice, he rotates the barrels.  He told us that this gives the wine more structure, more depth, and adds a gentle roundness to the flavor.  He’s got the large barrels resting on wheels to make this process easier, but rotating the barrels several times a day is no easy task.

Here he shows us how it’s done!


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  1. Beverly says

    I got on their mailing list and received a nice long newsletter, but unfortunately as you may have heard on the news unemployment checks has run out and no extension in sight and no jobs in sight either so I am amongst all of them. I had already canceled several wine clubs in the first of the year and saved my two favorites in Temecula and one in PR now I had to send them a letter to cancel them, when you have no money you can’t spend so let’s see how the economy is going to be when 12.5 million people in the United States are unemployed, or 8.1% (most of them in their fifties) can’t afford to buy anything, and how many more foreclosures ? Pray for our country.

    • Hoot 'n Annie says

      Bev – we know it’s hard out there! I think we all feel it…we’ll keep an eye out for anything we can find to help you out. Wine definitely helps…

  2. Beverly says

    Thanks again Annie, all my friends are looking out for me, something will come up I feel it. Like you said, wine definately helps. Cheers! 🙂

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