Little Cups of Joy…and Wine!!!

We consider ourselves very lucky when people give us stuff to sample, but this particular post is about sheer luck and joy!  A while back at the Earth Day Food and Wine Festival, we came across Danna of the Joy Cup Company.  She makes all organic and sustainable peanut butter cups.  Now, these aren’t just any peanut butter cup, they’re delightfully flavored using things like organic olallieberries, sea salts, and local honeys.  Danna was kind enough to give us a sampler box of her chocolates to try….so what did we do?  We opned a bottle of wine to pair up with the assorted chocolates!

We opened an ’06 Le Cuvier Cabernet Sauvignon and got busy with the chocolates.  The wine had rich cocoa and perfume nose with nice fruit and velvet on the palate.  Very good wine!  And quite possibly a good pick for drinking with delicious peanut butter cups!

Here’s a list of what we tried and how they paired with the wine:

– Peanut Butter with Espresso Sea Salt – nice pairing, the espresso sea salt went perfectly with the Cabernet Sauvignon’s cocoa characteristics.

– Peanut Butter with Local Honey – Not our favorite pairing, maybe a little sweet for this particular wine.

– Peanut Butter with Olallieberry and Raspberry – Very good pairing, with lots of the berry fruit and saltiness of the Peanut Butter.

– Peanut Butter with Blueberry and Lemon – The blueberry was a little strong for this wine, but the pairing worked!  “Crunchberries and Cocoa” were the words that came to mind…

There you go, open a bottle of wine and get yourself some Joy Cups!  What better way to relax and enjoy life?!?!

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  1. says

    I am so jealous – what is better than wine and chocolate!!! Oh peanut butter and chocolate – YUM! Yes no better way to relax and enjoy life. Like that saying goes going to slide into heaven with a glass of wine in one hand and a chocolate bar in the other. Live Life to the Fullest – Cheers:)

    • Hoot 'n Annie says

      Don’t be jealous, Renee…just get you some tasty Joy Cups when you come to town next month! They’re sold in some of the tasting rooms! But, yes, agreed that we should all tear into life and live it up!!! No better time than the present to enjoy! Cheers!!!

    • Hoot 'n Annie says

      What about super dark chocolate with some organic peanut butter and whatnot on the inside??? That’s pretty awesome too!

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