Fenomenal: The Newest Joint in Our Town!

One of the interesting things in Paso Robles right now is that many new places have been popping up downtown and in this post we will talk about a new spot called Fenomenal. They classify themselves as having “World Fusion Tapas” and they definitely have a pretty intense wine and beer list as well (no hard booze…yet). We went there a couple of nights in a row to try different appetizers so let’s get down to business. It’s a rough job after all…yeah, somebody has to do it!

All About Fenomenal

The place: We think they did a great job of setting the place up, from the seating to the bar to the décor…it all flows nicely. We were quite comfortable in there and evidently a lot of other people have been too because we have heard nothing but good things so far. Just an overall great scene, modern but comfy.

The service: We had absolutely amazing service there…from Austin and Jason behind the bar to the folks that brought the food out. They weren’t trying TOO hard or TOO little, it was just right. You know how it is…they showed up at the right times and did all the right things. It showed that the employees were invested in the success of the restaurant and all worked together to make our experience a good one.

The wine and beer: Their list is thorough and intriguing. Hoot tried many beers including a Lambic Belgian Cassis Beer, a St. Peter’s Golden Ale, and a Samuel Smith India Ale. He also tried several wines including Solitude Cotes du Rhone Blanc, Domaine Bouchard Pere et Fils Blanc Reserve Chardonnay 2009, and Hugel Gentil (a white wine from Alsace, France). There’s something for everybody on the list…from near and far!

The food: We won’t talk too much about the food at Fenomenal, we’ll let you check out the slideshow below and do your own drooling. This menu is fun and exciting…lots of flavors and great combinations of everything from Lamb to Lobster and back to Bacon! Again…something for anybody’s taste!

We’ll be back to Fenomenal to continue our quest through the food, wine and beer menus. We’re no quitters!

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  1. Yrmom says

    Ymmm! Every single thing looks delish! I can see why you went two nights in a row. Hard not to go there EVERY night!

  2. Denise says

    Hey ya Hoot! I want to drool, for some reason my iPad is having issues with the slide show…. 🙁
    Sounds like a great place, especially since you have been there twice; it says something!

  3. says

    I believe this will be a great addition to the food/wine/beer scene for locals in Paso Robles. But I can’t understand how they feel they will be able to move any further outside the local scene with the way their name is configured. Think about it. How would you search on Google for more information if someone told you the name?

    • Hoot 'n Annie says

      Hi Jack! Your point is well-taken, but Fenomenal should show up in a Google search for Paso Robles Restaurants…or at least if somebody has the general spelling down. It’s a great place, and will hopefully make enough of an impression that people remember the spelling! Cheers!!!

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