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No Drinking; Can YOU Handle It???

As my pregnancy is nearing its much-anticipated end (we go in for a scheduled C-section next Friday, October 12th), I have to say that one of the most common questions I’ve gotten during this whole adventure is “How have you done it??? Don’t you miss wine/drinking/alcohol???” As I’ve talked about along the way, I realized after a while that it wasn’t the actual wine that I missed, but more the buzz that I was truly feeling without.

Of course, being pregnant makes not drinking more of a requirement than a challenge, but it’s still a choice and it still takes willpower and self-control. Now, what I’m wondering is: Could you do it? Could you go 40 weeks without that relaxing, warming, TGIF buzz that comes along with having a couple of glasses of wine or a martini or two? What’s your story???


    • Hoot 'n Annie says

      Hi there!!! Saturday might not work for us since we’ll be going in Friday for a C-section! Little Gary is scheduled to appear Friday afternoon, but we’ll be bringing him out to meet his namesake as soon as we can!!!

      • Gary says

        Do your selfs a favor. Sell him ASAP while he still has some residual value. Nwe babies are like new cars. They start going down in value the minute they leave the lot.

        • Hoot 'n Annie says

          Hmm…not a bad idea, Gary. We’ll take that under advisement. Actually, what might be a better idea would be to drop him off at Eberle and let him work for wine. We’ll be needing a lot more very soon!!!

  1. says

    Although I’ve never been pregnant (I’m a guy! hehe!) one of my hobbies is to train for triathlons so often, 2 weeks leading up to a race I shy away from alcohol/junk to keep the body clean as much as possible. So I can somewhat relate to how you’re feeling!

    • Hoot 'n Annie says

      Haha…thanks for relating, Carlos! That’s awesome that you train for triathalons, and I’m glad that you didn’t classify wine as “junk”! 😉

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