Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are

You may, or may not, have noticed that Hoot n Annie have been absent this week. Well, we were busy bringing a new team member into the world…Little Browne finally arrived on 10-12-12 at 2:25 pm PST. Baby (Samuel Liberty) and Mama Annie are doing really well. We were extremely happy to get out of the hospital on Monday the 15th and go home to start living our life and get used to being parents.

This blog will remain a place where we talk all things lifestyle and all things Central Coast…there might be some references to Little Browne but the bulk of the updates regarding our new adventure on being parents will happen on our parenting blog “Little Browne” or on the Little Browne Facebook page.

We have been absolutely overwhelmed by the messages of support and love for us in regards to having Little Browne…it has been comforting in a way that you will never know…so thank you!

Starting this coming Monday we will be posting as usual and be on the lookout for a new look to the Hoot n Annie blog over the next weeks…we’re excited about the upcoming changes!!

Thanks everyone and have an amazing weekend!

Us Three


  1. Beverly says

    Although it was quiet this week without hearing from you, we all understand that you needed this time to adjust coming home from the hospital with a new addition to your family and what a blessing that is. Thanks for always thinking about your fans as we all travel this wonderful adventure called life with you. It’s going to be a real journey following every step of little Samuel’s life with you, I feel like you are part of my family. (tears). Annie we know how absorbed you will be with Samuel which is understood no worries, when you get a chance to take pictures of you and him we are so looking forward to that as well. Take it easy, enjoy, relax, because we love you. Cheers!

    • says

      Bev, we absolutely consider you family too. It’s been fun to share our lives and adventures with people and have people interested in that. This life we live is such an amazing journey, and our family and friends make it so wonderful…thank you for all your continued support and friendship!!

  2. says

    Hi there you three,
    Just wanted to say how happy I am for you guys and what a beautiful young man you have in your life now.
    He is one lucky guy to have you two for parents. You two give me hope that the future is good.
    I loved your Venice trip and the broadwalk. Phil and I were raised there. Him in Venice and me in Santa Monica.
    It is our home town and we will always think of it that way.
    Your new adventures will be bigger and better as your family grows up. Keep them coming so the rest of us can enjoy your trips and fun.
    Thank you Cindy Illions

  3. Pat says

    Sammy Browne is a cutie pie! Very angelic! Soon enough he will be able to clink his glass of grape juice against mom & dad’s wine glasses!

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