Evidence of Recent Consumption

A bottle of wine disappears so quickly…it’s a shame really. I started taking pictures of the labels on the wine we were drinking so I could look back later and remember. Over time I have ended up with hundreds and hundreds of photos on my phone of labels…now what? It’s like having all those leftover corks, what do you do with them?

What I decided to do with my label photos was to create a blog post with a slideshow of the pics to not only show you what we have been drinking, but for myself as well. You see, this blog started out being a place where we could go and see all the places we’ve been, food we’ve eaten, wines we’ve had, and any other Hoot n Annie type stuff we wanted to have memories of.

So here ya go, another slideshow of “My Alcoholic Life”. Cheers!

P.S. What have YOU been sipping on lately?

Here’s the list, but check out the pretty pictures below…

Zonin Prosecco Bubbly
Babcock Chardonnay 2010
Parrish Family Chardonnay 2010
Zocker Gruner Veltliner 2010
Parrish Family Pinot Noir 2009
Clayhouse Cabernet Sauvignon 2009
Daou Micho 2009 (50/50 Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot)
Four Vines Naked Chardonnay 2010
Evan’s Ranch Syrah 2008
Claiborne and Churchill Runestone Pinot Noir 2009
McManis Viognier 2011
Rhiannon Red Wine 2010
Ranchero Cellars Viognier 2010
Ranchero Cellars Chrome 2011 (Grenache Blanc/Viognier)
Cinquain Cellars Cabernet Syrah
J Lohr Arroyo Vista Chardonnay 2010
River Star Sauvignon Blanc 2011
Tassajara Rousse Rouge 2006 (Rhone blend)
Shale Oak Cabernet Sauvignon 2008
Mitchella Tempranillo 2009
Sharp’s Hill Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
Dom Perignon Champagne 1998 (To celebrate Samuel’s arrival with Matt’s Dad and his wife)
Parrish Family Cabernet Sauvignon 2006


  1. Heather says

    An idea for the labels – you might actually print the pictures and turn a boring table into a treasure trove of wine labels. Somehow stick them to the tabletop and then lacquer over them…or you could make a serving tray or a lazy susan or cover the outside of one of your s**t boxes or cover a wine barrel with them! Just some thoughts for you crafty folks!

    • says

      LOL…good stuff Heather. We actually were taking labels off of bottles for quite some time and wanted to collage our pub table. We’ll see if that actually ever happens…sometimes talking the talk is more fun than walking the walk.

  2. Ed says

    You might want to grab a smart phone app that helps keep track of what you drink. I tested several and settled on “Wine Notes” for the iPhone. In addition to a photo of the label, you can enter just about all the data on the bottle plus tasting notes. You then have a searchable data base synced to all your devices.

    • says

      Ed, sorry for the late response…we were not getting email notifications about comments. Thanks for the recommendation. We have partially used this blog as a database of what we have drank but an app would be much better. The only problem is I get lazy…or too buzzed and forget. LOL. Cheers man!

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